Adventures in Essential Oils for Auto

I live in Chico, CA, and about 100+ years ago the couple that built the town, the Bidwells, decided it would be a great idea to import over 150 species of non-native trees into the area to add to its already natural beauty. Now, this wasn’t really that horrible of an idea about clean car seats.

Chico has beautiful tree lined streets full of fruit trees, palm trees, redwood trees, and hundreds of species of trees you won’t really see anywhere in the state of California. It IS beautiful. It is also, however, hell on Earth for anyone with allergies and asthma.

oil for car seats

  1. In Chico is always seems like a new tree is pollinating every week.
  2. So if you aren’t allergic to the tree that’s pollinating this week, just wait a week!
  3. Eventually the allergies will get you.
  4. For me, it’s worse in the winter and very early spring.
  5. I would religious swallow my allergy pills at night before bed for my 24 hour protection the next morning, and would always have an inhaler handy for those times that the pollen was just too much for me.

Until now. I decided, as my first act of faith into the Wide World of Essential Oils I would go a couple of days without my allergy medications and see how Essential Oils worked. Would they work? I mean, they are competing with probably half a dozen pollinating trees. That’s a lot to handle for some oils, right?

My Lemon Dropper friend Annie (who you will probably hear a lot about, along with many other lemon droppers) sent me a great guide that included this awesome graphic:

It seemed simple, and I already had all of these three oils so… why not?


To my shock, it worked and almost instantly. A lot faster than my allergy pills could have. I felt relief and didn’t even realize I was already feeling it until about 5 minutes later when went to look at how bad my eyes were in the mirror and saw nothing but clear eyes looking back.

OK, maybe it was just a fluke, you know. They can’t really work THAT well! Or else everyone else would be using them already, right?

Day 2, same thing. Exact same thing. Allergies hit, blend put in certain places, allergies gone.

  • Then on Day 3 I started having some issues with my asthma.
  • Instead of sucking on my inhaler, I decided to try breathing in some peppermint and rubbing some of that on my chest.
  • Admittedly, I had to do this a couple of times throughout the day my asthma was bothering me, but way fewer times than I would have had to take my inhaler.
  • Without the jitters and shakes I usually get from taking my inhaler.

So, fair readers, I am still officially an EO convert. I love them. I want to have more of them. Which is why I am SO excited that my Young Living kit has arrived so my collection of EOs has tripled! And next week I get some more doTerra oils as well.

I also got the “Essential Oils Pocket Reference”, also known as the EO Bible, from my Lemon Dropper friend Annie so I can be prepared for the next thing that comes our way. Who knows, if these work as well as they do I could easily drop over $2K for the You Living Aroma Complete kit and still be saving money off all of the stuff we could replace them with each year!

So, I am sold. I am still on the bandwagon. I want to buy more or buy baby car seats…