Cool Child Furniture for Small Spaces

Living in a tight space can often resort to some cool furniture. If you havent already, you will begin to look at each item you bring into your home through the lens of furniture for small spaces. When kids arrive, well you may be going for unique furniture for all your pieces.

Having city furniture for children often means thinking about space and time. Space where will you put your childrens table and chairs or is it possible to store them when not in use? Time how long will your child need it? how long will it last?

Notch & Locks kids table and chairs

Instead of looking for affordable furniture, you might be more interested in getting furniture for less space. The Notch & Lock design allows you to assemble anddisassemble in a matter of minutes. Store under a bed or place the parts in a bin.

When you need it, use it, when you dont put it away. Im sure you can think of numerous everyday uses for your childrens table and chairs, but when you might not think about it until you really need it is during the holidays when you wish you had a kids table in your small space.

Maximizing space, thats key to apartment furniture. Check out how Notch and Locks Interlocking Furniture provides a solution for small space living:

What was the inspiration for the Notch & Lock chair and table?

  • Vincent Trocchia is an architect with 30 years of experience in NYC and has always wanted to create a flexible furniture solution for small spaces. Designing a room and laying out furniture is difficult enough in NYC and when you throw childrens furniture in the mix, everything becomes clutter. He wanted to create a contemporary furniture piece that could be taken a part in minutes. Vincent created the model and during a meeting with cabinet maker Bryan Good, Bryan saw the model and asked to construct a prototype for the furniture. Bryan researched the safest products for children to use and created the prototype, from there Notch & Lock Interlocking Furniture was born.

How can the chairs and table be used in a small home?

  • The beauty of the product is how easily it can be assembled and disassembled. A person without any construction experience can puta chair or table together in less than thirty seconds. Its perfect for a small home, where kids can use them during the day and then they can be disassembled, stored under a bed before the adults host their friends at a cocktail party.

What age is the chair and table geared towards?

  • The chairs and tables are geared towards the 3 to 7-yr olds. In terms of weight, an adult under 225 lbs can comfortably sit on the chair to interact with the children. The dimensions of the chair are13 x 17 x 12 in and weighs 3.5 lbs. The table is36 x 36 x 24 in at14 lbs. Solid wood furniture!

Big Baby Small SpaceDoes a hanger come with the childrens table and chairs?

  • There is no a hanger that is included in the set. If a person wanted, they could hang chair pieces on a hook onthe wall. Our recommendation for storing would be flat under a bed or in a plastic storage tote.Note the function of the holes in the furniture is designed so that it may be hung on a hook through the holes. The chair seat will no longer have this feature. Chair seats will be made solid with no holes for the children?s version of this furniture.

Does the table disassemble like the chair?

  • The table does disassemble like the chair. There are three pieces and like the chair can be assembled in about 30 seconds.

The chairs are made in the U.S. Tell me of your decision for keeping the manufacturing here in the U.S.

  • There have been so many news stories and safety concerns from outsourced childrens toys and furniture.This product is manufactured to the ANSI HP-1 Hardwood Plywood Standard and tests below 0.05ppm for formaldehyde emissions and contains no added urea formaldehyde.Theplywood used to make the furniture is the most child-safe on the market as BV Furniture uses water-based stains, paints and a finish that is intended for wooden salad bowls. As a result, parents need not worry about little ones eating off of the furniture!Keeping it manufactured in the U.S. isexclusively about quality control. We makesure that the safety criteriafromstart to finishare always met.This product was originally created for space flexibility, child safety is equally important and the price reflects this.