How Big Baby Small Space Got Started

Hi Im Judy and I have two under five. When I came home from the hospital I had practically nothing. I could have had a baby shower, but a little over a year before that I had a wedding shower. Being the center of attention so close together was too much for me to bear. Maybe it was denial that I had a baby so soon after I got married. Maybe it was the belief that really what does a tiny itsy bitsy baby really need?

Luckily my sister-in-law who just had three kids back-to-back supplied me with:

  1. caddy of diapers
  2. wipes
  3. rash cream
  4. baby medicine
  5. just in case
  6. hand-me down infant car seat
  7. stroller
  8. bassinet

So there I was with a brand new baby, who was absolutely precious and beautiful and all the feelings that I wasnt maternal flew right out the window. I was one of those lucky ones that people talk about, the love at first sight kind. I literally felt my heart explode wide open and I fell in love. What else did I need? Not much really. Those few things that my sister-in-law gave me carried me for the first four months, no problem.



What I found out after that was that I probably should have had a baby shower, but then at the same time, I got exactly what I needed as I went along. The driving force for everything I purchased was how was this going to fit into my cozy, small two bedroom. So the questions I asked with everything can this be multi-functional, how will this fit and for how long? I carried a measuring tape in my bag and knew the dimensions of every nook of our apartment. When necessary, totally against my nature, I became a declutter queen.

Before the baby was born my husband and I had one of those big talks and it came down to this:

  • We dont want our apartment to be overrun by the baby and everything that comes with baby. As far as we could see it, the baby was already taking our precious home office and library away.
  • I had to give away tons of books. I lost my sunny window desk seat.
  • Yet the big everyday thing that translated this lifestyle choice for me was this when my husband came home from work he wanted to see me and the baby and not all the babys stuff.

That meant that everything had to have a place and that place meant the babys room and not the living room floor. At first I thought this reasonable, then when the baby was born with little sleep I thought this was harsh, but now with two kids in a small NYC apartment, I realize its the best big talk we ever had.

Living in a small space can be a challenge. It seems like almost every baby furniture and item is made for huge nursery rooms. What about the rest of us? Committed to living in our small space, I went on a search to find the best products at the best value for small spaces. Whenever I discover something awesome that I think you should know about, my newsletter subscribers get the inside scoop.

Our catch phrase of Big Baby Small Space has been a life saver. We are into having our kids be BIG in our lives, but not in our small space. That doesnt mean we sacrifice. It just means measure is all. Its the only way to stay sane and still love my kids, my husband and our lives together.